Fade-In Slideshow

v2.14  FISLS-214

Fade-In Slideshow is a PHP & MySQL application that allows you to easily create slideshows for web sites.

( Required PHP version >= 5.2 )

It's very easy to put a Slideshow in HTML and CMSes such as Wordpress. Just put a line like this and you are all set!

  • <script src='http://(URL-to-slideshow)'></script>

Download sample slideshow pages and run it on your PC. Check the HTML source code to see how easy it is to put it on a webpage!

v2.14 <New!> Jump to any slide by clicking a page button(□ ■ ■ ■).
v2.14 <New!> Start Slideshow manually with the start button.
v2.14 <New!> Specify transition duration, transition effect, and pause duration for each slide separately.
v2.14 <New!> Manually pause and resume Slideshow. You can control the visibility of the pause and resume button. Choose one from "Show", "Hide", and "Show only when mouse is over slideshow."
v2.14 <New!> Specify the URL of the webpage you want each slide to link to.
Loop Slideshow or stop it at the last slide.
Create as many slideshows as you want with a single installation.
Fade-In Slideshow automatically caches slideshows for faster loading. Other than the first time load, it always loads slideshows from cache. This output caching reduces the database access to nearly zero and greatly speeds up loading time. This is a must for high traffic sites!
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