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Address Book Builder allows you to generate web-based Address Book Script ( PHP + MySQL ), which you can install on your web site.

Just enter a title and a list of fields you would like to have. Address Book Builder will generate the PHP code for you.

Since you can specify fields freely, the application is not limited to address books. You can use Address Book Builder to create scripts that store a member list, customer list, employee list or any lists you can imagine. Feel free to use it for anything you come up with.

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Step 1 of 4 : Enter Title

Enter a title for your script. The title will appear on the front page of the script.


  • Address Book
  • Contact Book
  • Customer List
  • Member Directory
  • Employee List
  • To-Do List
  • Price List
  • Semester List
  • List of School Districts
  • Job Application
  • Contact information 2012
  • North Brinton Mailing List
  • Bahama Resorts Reviews
  • Cohen Compilation Albums
  • Q Station Program Schedule
  • AutoBot Listings

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