Posted by Mark

I managed to add a new menu item and a new table.
I'm wondering how to implement a result set based on the join of two tables?

What would help is a file the explained the meaning of all your little abbreviations and what they signify.


Assuming translated to define field list of table include in php, I will need a similar file to map the results of the join. I will need to define the object somewhere, create a recognized page signature etc. I can't find a way to tell MySQL to operate on more than one table nor how to set a join criterion. I'm wondering of you can set me in the right direction.

Ultimately, I am trying to perform a proximity search.
I enter a zipcode and a radius in miles and return a list of addresses within that radius. For performance reasons, I want to execute a join. A view based solution on the back-end took 1.5 minutes to return a result set because of unnecessary processing. Using a join with proper indexing and restricting the result set to a larger box area before applying haversine algorithm performs in under 2 seconds. So A join will be the way to go. The other option, will be to implement a stored procedure that allows me to interact with a simple function call.

What do you think? Any ideas?
Posted by Tom

>I'm wondering how to implement a result set based on the join of two tables?

Sorry, there isn't a turn key solution for it because this was designed for a single table database.

>what they signify.
hm = html macro
Zb = buffer
def = defalut
ob = ??? maybe output buffer
rs = record set
sp = search parameter
sr = search result
df = definiton file