Posted by Sergey

Hello dear Tom. This time i have a question about searching by "rlog_create_date_time" but i have some problem. I write a script:

$timestamp = $hm->Zb('rs:def:rlog_create_date_time_order');
$timestamp = time();
list($dd, $mm, $yy) = explode('.', strftime('%d.%m.%Y', $timestamp));
echo "<a href='?_sc=customers/sp:def:rlog_create_date_time_order=$mm'>".$mm."</a>"; ?>

But when click on $mm link, your script do alert like: Crytical error: Page not found (orders/sp:def:rlog_create_date_time_order=08).... I don't know what's the problem.. Thank you for reply.
Posted by Tom


I am not sure what you are trying to do here but
maybe you need to & before "spLdef...." like