Posted by Mark

Maybe you would consider supporting a procedure or function the same way you support tables. I person would define the procedure or function with in field list and out field list. Then they would be free to code the guts of the proc or function with cursors or whatever need to execute the joins.

Just a thought, as it would hide all the technical join methodology and advanced where clause logic from the implementation.
Posted by Tom

Thanks for suggestion! Address book script is an old script. The first version was written 7 years ago and have been used for a single table database since then. Many things happened to other series of our scripts and the core of address book script is no longer used in them. We want definitely to publish a new builder that produces multi-table database easily but it will be released under a different name. Address book script will probably stay the same because it has it's own charm and easy of use as long as a single table database is what you need.