Posted by Ken Anklovitch

Even when I click on About or Logoff it kicks me back out to the Login page. In other words I can login the first time properly but once I try to do anything I get kicked back out.

Thanks Tom
Posted by Tom

Here is my theory. There is an error in your select configuration file and the script couldn't start the session properly. That's why you get kicked out. Remove the content from the select configuration file and see if it fixes the session problem. If it does, bring the content back to the configuration file line by line ( or small chunk ) and figure out which part is causing the problem.

Also, when you test it, it's a good idea to enable the error report. To do so, open web/staff/index.php and find
error_reporting( 0 );
Change it to
error_reporting( 22527 );
Make sure to set it back to 0 after you finishing debugging.