Posted by Gerhard Bobleter

I have just installed Address Book on my local webserver. It looks quite good but I am dissapointed to learn that these scripts are running seperatly. I would much rather like to see the Company Directory and Customer list added to the Address Book accessable via a link on the top as is is for the Address Book and Staff already. Staff can easily be twice - I mean seperatly to the one for the address Book for private Contacts. In that way it would be an address book with seperate forms and lists for personal and company entries. If you want you could even use the same database tables if you use a checkbox to define if you want to create/search/list for personal or company entry or all. Many more very useful but not to complicated improvents would be great to make it an inredible addressbook. thanks for considerating. What do you think?
Posted by Tom


>I am dissapointed to learn that these scripts are running seperatly

Yes, you are right. Adding tables incrementally is one of features we really want to add to the next version. Thanks for your suggestion!