Posted by Spencer

Hi Tom,

I've added a new page similar to the admin page to add / delete / change the value of the 1 parameter ("Company").

I can get the search form to work as i wanted, the record count is correct and i can edit the records

The problem is, i copied the page using and it's displaying just like staff page showing all columns with no values in it.

How can it display according to and is only visible to admin?


*PS: I've managed to get the dropdown list to populate value through sql
Posted by Tom

Hi, I'm not sure what you are trying to do but I think you want to display or hide some parts of the page depending on the user type? If so, you can use the following condition in templates to excute code for users (non-admin) only.
if ( !$sys->IsAdmin() ) {
// The code placed here will be
// executed for non-admin only.