Posted by Sergey

No i don't want to display username in search page)))) I have another questions about how i can add types to input field like "number" or "tel" or another... for example <input type=number ..... <input type=password .... and so on... And how can i do searching by record date.. for example, i need to find/search all records 20.05.2016... Thank you.

Posted by Tom

To change the type attribute to "password", add ", ZB_ATTR, array( "type"=>"password" )"
For example, here is the last_name field:
<?php echo $hm->Zb('rs:def:last_name'); ?>
Add ZB_ATTR like this:
<?php echo $hm->Zb('rs:def:last_name', ZB_ATTR, array( "type"=>"password" )); ?>
Now the last_name field got "password" in the type attribute.